Fulfill Your Calling Safely

Our Philosophy

I asked my mentor "How do you know when something is your calling?". And she responded with "The difference between being passionate about something and your calling, is that your calling will not let you rest". 
Your calling is persistent. It's all consuming. It's gratifying and fulfilling.
This organization was named Crowned Mamas because we believe that each birthing person was called to create and carry new life. That these special people need to be cared for and treated like royalty.
Despite our name being "Crowned Mamas", we want to dedicate our services to the partners, caretakers, and children of every birthing person. And when we serve, we serve EVERYBODY. No matter who you are.
Crowned Mamas is proud to foster a safe space for everyone in need of our services.


Our Founder

Hello everyone, I'm Tiara! I am incredibly blessed to be able to serve my community in the most personal and impactful way. My goal is to help eradicate our current maternal health crisis and change how we approach birth. As someone who has studied kinesiology at the University of Rhode Island, I know that exercise is an important aspect of the birthing experience. As our body changes, our behaviours also need to change. Together, we can change perceptions of pregancy and delivery, one mama at a time.